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Busy days at Longlease -23rd June 2001!


The last month or so at Longlease has been very busy, coming out of the Foot and Mouth Disease Epidemic and a very wet Winter, getting the vegetable garden going again has been hard work this year!

Encouragement from my BMD's

However, Sunny and Simmy have been very supportive and looking forward to the strawberry crop which is ripening nicely. Sunny very cleverly is stationed right next to the only strawberry plant that is not caged over. One left over when I put in new row in the veggie patch last year, to her left in the herb garden!

Good crop of spuds!

Bottom end of the garden and the potatoes, onions, turnips, radishes and peas and all are doing really well. Will be having the first new potatoes tomorrow, along with baby turnips and spring greens

High Speed Simmy!

All done for the day, here comes High Speed Simmy! Legs, ears, tail everything akimbo but he is fast! Ha, Sunny now has both bones and she got the ripe strawberry!

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