New injection method proves to be successful

Cancer treatment successful in dogs

UTRECHT, Tuesday, October 20th 2009

This summary of an article which appeared in a Dutch Newspaper with thanks to Wendy Beard

"The University of Ultrecht have successfully treated (they say six) cats & dogs by injecting tiny radioactive holmium balls directly into the tumour. There were barely any side effects and the benefits to this method are that there is little damage to the surrounding tissue as the tumour is attacked from inside out.

Some tumours became markedly smaller and some disappeared altogether. The conditions of treatment (for this experimental method) were that the tumour was easily accessible and that no other forms of treatment were possible. They cite the case of a cat with a form of skin cancer in its mouth. The tongue and skin underneath were affected and no operation was possible. They chose to try the holmium injections and the tumour completely disappeared.

Jolle Kirpensteijn was to give a presentation at the U of Utrecht.

Then the column talks of the similarity of cancer in humans and how important the research for cats and dogs is in curing people. They hope that this method will be available within 6 months for humans too."

For a full translation of this article with thanks to Bert Klei
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For a further article on this new treatment (in English)
with thanks to Doris Braun
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