In Loving Memory of


Baker N' Springvales Cafe Mocha

January 15th 2001 to March 9th 2003

Much loved and so sadly missed
by Chris and Herb Baker

Bernese Mountaion Dog, Katie, sadly lost to Histio

Katie's loss has been incredibly devastating for us. Katie was the kind of Berner that everyone would love to have - incredibly gentle, smart and sweet as sugar. As a matter of fact - our Veterinarian wanted to adopt Katie, from us; before she got sick, because of her beautiful personality - he had quite the crush on her and went to every conceivable length to save her life.

Katie is our hero, she survived & survived happily, for 6 weeks; after her initial crisis, surgery and dreaded diagnosis. Katie's tail never stopped wagging, she was always happy to participate in her normal activities, even when she had to be feeling "less than well". The only casualty, after surgery, was her appetite - till she discovered that her dad (Herb) is a great cook! Herb prepared 3-4 meals a day for Katie, and they were quite the pair - he would cook and she would "supervise". She even had meatballs, for breakfast, the day she passed away.

We have never had to deal with Histio, or losing a Berner at such a young age, before; but Katie taught us how to face adversity with grace and dignity. We'll miss her every day and look forward to seeing her again.

Good-bye, sweet girl.

Chris and Herb

Bernese Mountain Dog, Katie, sadly lost to histiocytosis

Berner, Katie, sadly lost to Canine Malignany Histiocytosis.

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