In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog


December 6 2000-July 25 2005

So much missed by Warren, Lori, Josh, and Elizabeth Beymer

Lori and Kricket
Lori and Kricket

Kricket Boat Ride
Kricket's first boat ride in Central Oregon.
She wasn't too sure of it...but was happy to be with us!

We lost our Kricket on July 25, 2005 to Malignant Histiocytosis.

She was the sweetest, most loyal and majestic dog we have ever known. Her eyes were the window to her soul. Krickee was such a special girl...always there to love us and care for us. If we were sick, she stayed with us in bed. If we were sad, she licked away our tears. If we were happy, she joined in with love and playfulness. Krickee loved the trails, the wilderness and camping. She would run free, side by side, with us. Somehow, knowing she was with us made everything feel peaceful. She loved car rides and french fries! She loved her kids and her sister, Josi (our 14 yr. old keeshond). She read our faces and our minds with her intuitive personality. Kricket loved the beach and the mountains! She was happiest when she was with us. Our hearts are so sad and empty. We miss her terribly and the pain is still so fresh. We would not trade our four and a half years with Kricket for anything. She was truly a blessing.

"I would rather have a short time of something beautiful, than a lifetime of nothing special."

Our Krickee is now over the rainbow and someday, we will meet again. We will always love and treasure the time we have with our Kricketannie.

Warren, Lori, Josh, and Elizabeth Beymer

Kricket, so sadly lost to MH
Kricket runs free on the beach

Kricket, less than a month before she died, we had no idea that she was sick.
She only survived one week, after the initial onset of symptoms.

BMD Kricket lost to Malignant Histiocytosis
Kricket the day before she died with Josi.

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