In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog


Brighteye BT Kirbmeister

July 25 1999-July 14, 2007

a sweet, loving Berner who will be greatly missed by
Bobbie Klimkowski and Tim O'Leary

We lost Kirby to Histiocytic Sarcoma on July 14th. It was a long battle that we thought we were winning (Kirby had a leg amputated late last fall) until the cancer returned about a month or so ago. Kirby was a sweet boy.


He was funny as a pup. We remember how he would put his paws on his older sister's shoulders and rest his head on top of her head! He, as most Berners, loved the cold. During a winter snow storm, you couldn't find him in the snow in the yard. You would have to call his name and his head would pop up out of the snow as if to say, "yes I'm here"!

As a young adult, we blocked off the bushes in the yard, because he liked to hide in the bushes and it turned out he was allergic to the mulch. He didn't like being blocked off from the bushes, so to our amazement, one day we saw a 100 pound Berner take a running leap and go flying in the air over the chicken wire fencing and land on a bush!

There are so many funny stories about Kirby, so many wonderful memories. When Kirby got sick, he never got nasty or bit. When one of us would lay on the floor next to him, he would scoot over and cuddle up as if we could protect him from the cancer. He was such a sweetheart and will be greatly missed.

Bobbie Klimkowski/Tim O'Leary

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