In Loving Memory of Bernese Mountain Dog


Randolina's L Appen

October 16th 1998 to September 28th 2007

So much loved and so sadly missed by Lisa Seretto


"Astro crossed the Bridge this afternoon. Although the prednisone helped his appetite, it was clear yesterday that he was becoming weaker. The sparkle in his big brown eyes was fading. Astro was a brave boy the past two months. He struggled back from surgery and pneumonia. He was my "best boy" and he deserved to be at peace.

Sherman, look for the handsome Berner boy with the biggest paws you have ever seen. He loves to play with other big dogs, jousting and wrestling. Astro is a big boy, but fast and agile. On our hikes he looked for big boulders and could leap to the top in one bound. Help him find the Snow Area, that will be his favorite place. Warn any people who may be there on snowshoes. He thought it was great fun to pounce on the back of my snowshoes and then wag his tail and bark at me when I fell. Tell him I won't have any trouble finding him when it's time - I'll just look for the biggest pawprints in Heaven."

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