In Loving Memory of


Isabelle's Leaping Lolita

April 6th 2006 to November 18th 2011

Owned and loved and now so very sadly missed by Amy Wylan and family.

"She has filled my life with such joy and introduced me to people who have become close, close friends."

November 11th 2011 - I hate with all my heart to be writing this but my amazing, beautiful Lola only five and a half was diagnosed with histio sarcoma. I told her vet about the cancer diet and he believes I should do anything and everything to help her and believes in holistic medicine too. She is at his office now getting some ivs to build her up . he would like to give her chemo maybe start next week if she is ready and if she tolerates it well, believes it could prolong her life. and give her a good quality of life more importantly.

November 17th 2011 - I want to share Lola's progress and update. She had a tough weekend but did get to the beach to see some of her berner buddies. By Sunday night she was doing very poorly and I was very worried, not eating , lethargic etc. I brought her to the vet Monday morning for fluids, etc. he kept her overnight and by Tuesday morning was strong enough for her first chemo dose! She spent the day and I brought her home last night, she ate, perked up and did not seem to have ill effects from the chemo. The vet wants me to be aware that she needs to maintain herself without getting iv fluids and nourishment. I am very hopeful that we can stop any further cancer from growing but I need to be realistic too.

She is fighting and I am not giving up!

November 18th 2011 - Sadly Lola's fight was to be so very brave but sadly too very short, she was laid to rest this afternoon.

Run free at the Bridge, sweet girl!

For Amy's new Rescue Boy, DJ

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