In Loving Memory of


Best Bet's Shasta Loney

July 14th 2000 to November 19th 2009

So much loved and now so sadly missed by Marc, Melanie, Ashleigh and Tyler Loney


Shasta came into our lives 9 1/2yrs ago and was with us to see our family develop and grow. She taught us so much about life and how to appreciate all the simple things that we take for granted. A great big sister to our daughter and son, a soul mate to my wife and my dearest friend. I think every Berner owner has heard the phrase "that the light that burns twice as bright also burns half as long", that sums up the hole that we now have in our hearts.

Our neighborhood will certainly be much quieter and Squirrels much safer. She would run to our gate to defend ever passer by, but the bark was always given away by the sway of her tail. We will miss her prancing to chase any squirrel in our yard, but we never think she got within 10yds of one.

I made the mistake at 6 months of letting her come up on our bed, 9 yrs later I've grown to appreciate the extra space that a California King size bed provides. I would always laugh when someone would ask if we had crate trained her, nope we clearly missed that opportunity. Coming home and seeing her building a nest in our bed to only be caught and have that same look our kids do with a hand in the cookie jar.

We now struggle to understand why, or how we can possibly fill in the enormous space that her passing has created. I believe every dog owner feels that losing a cherished pet can never be replaced and Shasta was that for us. It's so amazing though for us to read these stories and see the power that this Breed has and the connection everyone develops. We miss our Sweety Bear and will never forget her...

Hug your dogs tonight!

Marc, Melanie, Ashleigh and Tyler

In Loving Memory of Shasta

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