In Loving Memory of


BearFoot Bears Repeating

June 6th 2002 to October 13th 2010

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Laraine and Dave Jeffries and Family

Jed was such a huge presence in our home, our big sweet loveable Jed. We held Jed for the first time when he was less than 3 days old and it didn't take but a second to fall in love with this wonderful puppy. He loved his family and spent many hours having great fun with them, taking long walks, playing find-it games, practicing rally, hiking, playing tug-a-war and chase with his berner siblings, and giving and getting great berner hugs. His primary job most days was laying (snoozing) on the deck guarding his house and yard, protecting his family, making sure his berner companions were safe. His serious mood could change in a second when there was a party planned...loved having his other berner friends over for the many birthday celebrations and fun dog day events.

We will miss everything about Jed, he is in our hearts forever.

Laraine and Dave Jeffries and Family

In Loving Memory of

Berner Bailey lost to Histio 8/08
with Brindle Great Dane, Kinja,
also sadly lost to Histio 07/10
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