In Loving Memory of


Ch Adesa's Hot Lightning Bolt

August 1st 2002 to April 16th 2011

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Carol Westaway, family and friends

The Spark has gone…..

From the eyes of Flash.

Ch Adesa's Hot Lightning Bolt CDX, RE, TD, DD, BDD 8-01-02 - 4-16-11

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Flash has lost his fight with histio at the age of 8 years 8 months. He will be forever remembered and loved as the beautiful and talented boy who really sold my husband on the breed.

Not only a show champion (thanks Bobbi), but truly a versatile dog, Flash, despite David's best efforts to the contrary gained his CDX, TD and RE. However when it came to true excellence, it was it the area he was meant to excel, drafting (thanks Ingrid for teaching us the basics and getting us started).

Flash was a draft dog par excellence. He was a little old by the time the master titles were introduced so we didn't go on to take those tests because of the weight, but Flash only ever failed one draft test, and that was when Tempo anticipated the recall in novice brace. When the judge said call your dog, she took off dragging him behind still trying to sit! He was both a BMDCA Draft Dog and a BMDCA Brace Draft Dog, (that one he did pass three times taking each of his sisters through on the first time each time - in fact one of our favorite memories was watching when Tempo was a little distracted by the pull toy visual, Flash sharply whipped his head over, pulling on the coupler as if to say - forget that we're working!). He could back through the narrows just as easily as go through them forward (thanks Buck for teaching us that one) and his favorite party trick when participating in nursing home demonstrations with CATC was to parallel park his cart between cones that were set apart just one foot longer than Flash and the cart.

He will be missed by many of the kids in the Columbus area where he, along with one of his sisters, participated in parades and gave cart rides to them while attending children's events such as the company Halloween party and CATC demonstrations,.

He will also be missed by the customers and staff of our local Petsmart where he would pull his own cart, off leash, to buy his dog food, never hitting a display even in the tightest of corners

But above all he will be missed as a truly loving companion always ready to play when your mood suited, just go for a quiet walk, or always ready as a steady non-judgemental friend when you were down,

Rest easy good friend and we'll meet again at the bridge.

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