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In Loving Memory of


June 3rd 2004 to September 16th 2010

So much loved and now so very sadly missed by Julie and Mario Greco and family

"You came into our lives June 3, 2006 and left us today, September 16th...a mere 4 years later. Though I feel cheated, I'll treasure the 4 years of sparkle you brought to our lives because we lived and loved BIG.

RIP my sweet Bobo girl...a day won't go by that I won't miss you terribly."!

Chloe and Brian at the most recent Berner Birthday Bash.

"Words can't express the heaviness in my heart as I type this morning. We said goodbye to our Chloe a mere hour and a half ago and I have to, at times, remember to breathe in and breathe out, the grief is so sharp. I'll never forget the day I picked her up in Joliet on June 3, 2006 from Jim Kimzy (sp?) who was transporting a suburban full of puppy mill rescues heading for homes and foster homes. I had signed up to foster for the first time because I wanted to help. Little did I know what would be handed to me that day.....a tiny little girl with huge feet. She was scared and curled up in my car for the trip home. The miraculous changes I witness in such a short time were amazing. Sherman and Howard took to her immediately and she settled in like she'd lived with us for years. She picked us. I knew within a day that I loved we adopted her later that week and never looked back.

She was the sunshine in my day. The early mornings this summer that I had to get up before the sun for a marathon training run, there she was, smiling and happy to see me. She made getting up so much easier. Silly, affection, adorable....a dog that always made me smile. I'll miss our Friday afternoon naps, our dances, the helicopter tail wags, our couch cuddles, the way you'd whimper when I'd talk to you, the adoration in your eyes when you looked at me, your trust and even how you'd sneak a Josie "tootsie roll" from the yard.

RIP my darling Chloe...I'll miss you for an eternity and promise to help other dogs in your memory. On 10-10-10 I'll be running my first marathon. Those 26.2 miles will all be for Chloe..... "

For the Run Free Tee Shirt Fundraiser in Chloe's memory and in aid of Cancer Research

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In Loving Memory of Monty also lost to Histio
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