Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

My Gang - Summer 2003!

Very hot here UK! Temps way above normal!
But we are having fun!

Bernese Mountain Dog Cartingf?
James is pulling Barney in the cart! Laid back Bernese!
Simmy thinks this is such fun! Let the humans do the work!

Bernese, Barney, in his den!
Too Hot! Barney retreats to his den!

Bernese, Simmy, in his den!
Simbo retreats to his den!

Hello ponies!
Hello Arthur and Andi!

Yes, the Boys are hiding under that bush!

James, ponies and carrots!
Everyone comes out of hiding when there's carrots around!

James and Berners in the kitchen
Cool stuff! We are back in the kitchen!

James and BMD Sunny hot today!
"Love You, Sunny! Hot today!"

Me and my Bernese, OK!
Evening Now!

Bit of a breeze has picked up, we have had a fun day!

Keeping cool Bernese and friends!

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