Feeding Time at Longlease!

Well, guess that all dogs will go nose down for a splash of home grown organic chicken casserole and veggies with lots of celery, parsnips, onion and garlic! Chicken courtesy of my next door neighbour, the veggies from here!

Samson BMD nose down!

"Bernese Mountain Dogs love chicken casserole" says Simmy!

BMD Sunny is always hungry!

"Just the tiniest bit in that corner left!" says BMD Sunny who is on a perpetual diet!

Perry enjoys the BMD food!

"Good grub here" says Perry!

<click here> for Perry's story and how he joined our Gang for a few short but happy months..

Have got new delivery of hay in for the goats, ponies and sheep and loads of greens in the veggy garden. As for the cats, they are bringing me presents!

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