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Light One Candle Mini Fundraiser

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN!!!! Grab your wallets and checkbooks - you're going to want to donate for this one!!!

We need to do some emergency fundraising for Light One Candle. Donations through Light One Candle have provided funds to help continue the lobby effort to about the end of October 2003. We need to raise some money to help continue the lobby effort through the end of the year.

Light One Candle was established to combat the mistreatment of dogs and poor breeding practices in puppy mills at home and abroad and they have collected donations to help fund lobbying and educational efforts.

The lobby effort is making a difference, thanks to the many donations from the Berner community. Our work is paying off as we see acknowledgement and positive change in the governmental and private organizations with whom the lobbyist, Dr. Melcher has been dealing.

Efforts are continuing to form an alliance within the broader canine community to carry this lobby effort forward. Interest outside of the Berner community is growing! The first steps by a group of individuals from multiple breeds have been taken to set up a non-profit corporation to support the lobby effort.

If we can raise some money in the next two weeks, it will be a big help to Light One Candle to help them continue the lobby effort through December of this year.

So.........here is what I have for this "LIGHT ONE CANDLE" MINI-FUNDRAISER!

There are just seven items for this fundraiser.

Cindy Valentine has donated two framed prints for our Light One Candle Fundraiser. The first 8x10 print is of a lovely berner with a lake and mountains in the background. It is a limited edition of an authentic, registered original by artist Ruth Hyatt Maystead (#53 of 399) and the framed size is 13x16 1/2.

The second 12x14 print was also donated by Cincy Valentine and is of two berners with some gorgeous pottery in the foreground. The artist is D. Hickman and the print is #18 of 200. The framed size is 19x16 1/2.

Helen Hollander has donated five identical 11 1/4x14 signed and numbered lithographs by artist Joe Dalton. The prints are a head study of one of Lillian Ostemiller's dogs ("Louie" aka CH.DeLi's Foreign Touch) and each one is signed and numbered by the artist.

Thank you, Cindy and Helen, for making this Light One Candle Fundraiser possible.

The fundraiser will be for a short period of time: from September 17 through October 1, 2003. That is just fourteen days, so there is no time to dilly dally around or to procrastinate.

Ticket prices are: $5 each ~or 3 for $10 ~ or 8 for $20.

Checks should be made payable to the "BMDCA" and you should write "Light One Candle Fund" in the memo portion of the check.

When you send me your generous checks, please also include the following information:

Phone Number
E-Mail Address
How you'd like me to distribute your tickets for the fundraiser

The website for this fundraiser has been designed and made by Karen Pickel. Thank you, Karen, for once again making our fundraisers so much better to visualize by your expert webmastery!!! Here is the url: http://www.overthefence.com/helpberners/LOC

LOC/ WE NEED YOUR HELP to raise some money to continue the lobby effort until the end of the year. Please help us carry the lobby effort to the next level by contributing to Light One Candle. THANK YOU ALL for your support! I know that we can do it!!!!

Joye Neff and Nick (and Ben)
Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, PA

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