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12/9/2010 - I just wrote a check and will be sending it to Joye tonight for $3180.00. That includes 80% of the purchase price of the shirts and any money left over from the shipping fees.

I do have a limited number of short sleeve shirts that are available for purchase in adult sizes S, M, L and XL. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing one of these fantastic shirts designed by Jaime Meyers.

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A Chicago Berner owner and active BARC foster/transport/owner was devastated by the news that her first failed foster, Chloe had MH. Chloe was just six years old, the same age that Julie’s first Berner, Monty, died of the same disease. Julie has been training to run the Chicago Marathon for about a year. Of late, she has been dedicating her training races (usually ½ marathons) to dogs of friends that have passed by wearing a button. As she waited on pins and needles for Chloe’s diagnosis, she pleaded in one post – “please, no more buttons.” Sadly, that plea didn’t reach the right ears. Right now, she is in the hardest part of the training for the race on 10/10/10. She is running longer than she has ever run before, and running helps divert her mind from the path that she is on having sadly now recently lost Chloe to this awful cancer.

It was everyone’s sincere hope that Julie’s husband would be able to meet her at the finish line with her three Berners. Sadly, only Sherman and Howard will be there. In my heart, I know Chloe will be running every step with Julie, even though she won’t be at the finish line.

For Chloe's Tribute Page on the Histio Roll Call
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Chloe and Brian at the most recent Berner Birthday Bash.

To help show support for Julie in this difficult part of her training, I suggested a group of us become Berner Boosters and bring the dogs down to the race to keep her spirits up over the course of 26.1 miles. Then, I thought it would be fun to have shirts for us all to wear. Not being one to keep things simple, I then thought that maybe this could be a bit more global and I could turn it into a fundraiser in Chloe’s memory, with all proceeds donated to cancer research. I asked Jaime Meyers if she would be willing to design the art for the shirt and she has outdone herself.

Run Free tee shirts to benefit Berner Cancer Research


Don't delay, order now and get your preferred size!

The Run Free shirt is available in either short sleeve for $20 or long sleeves for $25.
For the adult sizes
<click here>

Childrens’ are $15 US, short sleeve only, sizes available upon request.

Youth small is 6-8
Youth medium is 10-12
Youth large is 14-16.

Over 80% of your purchase price will be donated to the AKC CHF Berner Lover’s fund and Joye Neff has offered 10 free tickets with the purchase of each shirt for the upcoming Willem Wijnberg AKC CHF Fundraiser in March 2011.

To order your shirts, simply reply to

and supply the following info:

Number of shirts and sizes, specifying long or short sleeve

Then, send your check or money order for the cost of the shirts PLUS $6.50 for shipping for 1- 2 shirts
(for larger or foreign orders, please contact Lynn first to determine the correct shipping cost)

Lynn Alvarez
8 N. Wheeling Road
Prospect Heights, IL 60070

If you would prefer to use a credit card or PayPal, Brenda Broome has generously offered to process these orders.

There is a $1.30 fee which is paid to PayPal and the credit card companies for the convenience of using them.

Go to Brenda's website to order your shirt using PayPal/Credit Card.

Joye Neff has agreed to handle foreign cheques.

Please contact Joye at

and she will let you know the exact amount to make out the cheque for after exchange to US funds.

Cheques should be made payable to Joye M. Neff and sent to:

Joye M. Neff
1182 Firwood Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15243-1881 .

Who could ask for more, a new tee shirt and a donation to Berner Cancer Research!

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