Jaime's Pics for the Christmas Boxes

Jaime Meyers

"Was just taking a look through my Berner Christmas card folder and found these, attached. If any of them are usable, please use them. I am attaching low res files; all of them are available in 300 dpi/almost 4,000 pixels. The first three are digitally altered via dry brush and canvas filters to give the look of paintings. Anyhow, these are mine and the first I came across--I still have a few people in mind I can ask for specific material. Jaime"

Patsy, since something didn't like me FW-ing these pics to you I have since copied them down and resized and save low format for web view, Jaime does have the originals!!

{short description of image}

#1 Misha and Bromley Christmas card 800

#2 Misha and Bromley Christmas card 8

#3 Misha sled 800

#4 Misha 12 19 8 2

#5 Misha 12 19 8

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