Fundraising events on the Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Site

National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association


is doing two raffles this year 2003 for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) research.

1st item: The PRA quilt will be raffled at the October Entlefest.
Owners of Entlebuchers and other Swiss enthusiasts are making the quilt.
Tickets can be purchased now until September 27th.
Take this opportunity to get your raffle tickets for this one of a kind quilt.




2nd item: Entlebucher - original artwork by Emily Marshall. Painting of winners own dog.
Wonderful artist and artwork. Her second year donating her talent!!!

Your raffle money will be greatly appreciated to help with the PRA research.
The scientists and researchers at Michigan State University are making great progress but they still need funds from the people who love this breed. Thanking you in advance for being such great supporters. We are on the road to making a huge difference in the life and eye health of the Entlebucher.


Ticket information:
Please send the following information and check payable to: NEMDA & mail to:
Kathy Marshall
PO Box 1377
OR 97487

Your Name:_____________________________
Address Street :______________________________________________________________ City________________________________ State_________________Zip_______________

Item 1 - PRA Quilt Raffle:
Tickets are 1 for $6, 5 for $25, 10 for $50
Qty ____ x $6 = _______
Qty ____ x $25 (packet of 5 tickets) = ________
Qty ____ x $50 (packet of 10 tickets)= ________

Item 2 - Entlebucher - Swiss Dog original artwork (Winner's Dog portrait)
Tickets are 1 for $5, 5 for $20, 10 for $40
Qty ____ x $5 = _____
Qty ____ X $20 = _____
Qty ____ x $40 = _____

Your tickets numbers will be mailed or E-mailed to you.

LeAnn Zogg
Quilt maker
Chairperson (Paws in Stitches Committee)
North Dakota

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