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Monty and Mia's Vacation

As you may or may not know, Monty & Mia Martone have been spending their summer vacation at "The Berner Resort" in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania! (Jo & Karl were in Hawaii for their 10th Anniversary).

We had so much fun over the last 2 weeks, I just had to share the smiles!

I know I'm a little nuts, BUT we had a great time putting this together....

Enjoy their vacation scrapbook :)

Toby, Lucy & Sammy send woofs, slurps & smiles!

Here's the link for the wonderful scrapbook of their Summer Vacation


For those of you on Dial-Up so perhaps unable to download this page to view, I have included some of the fun pics below!

We took our meals out on the verandah

But usually feeding time was a ZOO!

We learned how to play Jacks!

One day it rained so we had an Art and Crafts time.
The opposable thumb thing created a problem, but Auntie helped!

Toby and Lucy won the most Creative Team Award!

We even played FUN games.

Scrabble was our favourite!

When the weather cleared up, Monty went for a hike!

And MiaPet headed for the lake!

Toby and Lucy were great hosts but...

There was one night when things got a little out of hand!

Once Sammy bought out the Lobster Suit,everything went to Hell in a Hand Basket!

We made friends with all kinds of new and unusual creatures!

We even broke out the carts.
DRAFT RING here we come!

One night we told stories around the camp fire
and even toasted some marshmallows!

Mom and Dad, even though we missed you LOTS
Auntie Michelle gave us LOTS of LOVE!

Snuggle time was the best!


When are you and Dad going on vacation again?

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