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David and Nancy's Clondike
RIP Clondike 8th February 2001. 
Sadly, Clondike joins the Bridge Kids from her long reign on my Gallery of Friends.

Clondike was a Great Pyrenees who lived to be 13.25 years old, well past the 10 year average life expectancy for her breed. She was diagnosed with canine lymphoma in May of 1998 and was treated with both chemotherapy and various holistic therapies including a traditional Chinese herbal protocol. She experienced some terrible (and uncharacteristic) chemo reactions, but managed 3 remissions, the last one of more than 20 months at the time of her death. A week ago Thursday her arthritis got so bad she lost the ability to walk, even on Etogesic. Sunday night she began spitting up blood, probably from an ulcer caused by the arthritis meds. Monday (in a snow storm) we took her in to get her on steroids to see if we could get her back to walking. They did an x-ray that was essentially normal, so while she may not have been cancer-free, cancer was not the primary cause of her decline. Basically she just wore out, but she had a long life which she thoroughly enjoyed. I believe she is one of the first Endless Love pets to die of what was essentially "old age" so this is a minor victory in itself.

Please check out her memorial page :

Clondike was truly a miracle girl!

Here are two of David's favourite pictures..............."This photo is called "Angel/Clown" and was taken at a nursing home therapy visit, Halloween 1999 when Clondike was 5 days from her 12th birthday. I like it because I think it captures some of her 'spark'."

"Here is the 2nd Clondike photo, actually a much earlier shot. I call this one 'Party Animal' and it was taken when Clondike was about 3. Actually the caption on my Web page says 'Let's Party!' It just IS Clondike when she was in 'Play' mode. "

Let's Party!

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