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The Sweetums Express is en route.
From Lynnea 14th September '02

English Springer Rescue of America

Tonight we have our first picture of Sweetums with Lisa Finstuen, the animal control officer in Rochester, Minnesota, who has been in charge of her.

English Springer Spanie, Sweetums

Ann picked up Sweetums and has taken a couple of pictures of her with the disposable camera I sent, but those will have to wait to be developed. One is a picture of Sweetums in the crate as they left animal control, the other is her in the bathtub. Ann says she is all pretty and relaxing with her boys being friendly.

English Springer Spaniels
Ann's boys at hte window.

Ann and Sweetums will leave Rochester, Minnesota tomorrow morning about 7 AM and meet up with Marti in Tomah, Wisconsin about 9 AM. Marti and Sweetums then will proceed to Madison, Wisconsin where she will meet up with Karen and Andrea.

{short description of image}
Marti on the left, Karen on the right, and Karen's daughter in the middle;

{short description of image}
Marti and her husband with Sweetums
Marti Houge Photos courtesy of Marti and Jim Hogue

Karen, Andrea and Sweetums will continue to Rockford, Illinois where they will meet up with Cheryl. Cheryl will then, I believe, take Sweetums home with her to Elgin, Illinois, and later in the day she and her husband Scott will journey in to Old Town, Chicago, with Sweetums and meet with Tammi, who will overnight Sweetums. Sunday Tammi and her boyfriend will leave Chicago with Sweetums and go to Elkhart, Indiana, where they will meet Debra. Debra will bring Sweetums to her home near Toledo, Ohio, where I will get to meet her! I will then bring Sweetums home to meet Freckles and Pooh."

Bon Voyage, Sweetums!
Looking forward to more pics of you safely arrived in your new home.

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