Baker's Bernese Blessings
Off into the Wide, Wide World!
Berner Pups off to new homes tomorrow - 25th July '02

berner pups

Here are the pups, so young and Moms so proud! - June 8th '02

Off into the big wide world now! We are ready for it! July 25th '02

Let me out of here!

Let me out of here! I have things to do and see!
And promise you, I will not pee on the carpets!

Berner pups OK

Hey pups! Take it easy!

You are off to good homes and folks will love you!

What about me!

What's happening, they are all asleep!

CoolB abes!

Cool Babes! We are mostly just chilling out and waiting!


They are just gonna love us!

Bener pups awaiting

Settle Down, Down Stay.

They will come and get us!

It's me you want?

Hey, it's really me you want? >
I'm coming with you right now! Feeling a bit shy!

Wishing these pups all the best, they are off on a great new adventure!

More pics to follow as they go to their new homes.
With biggest thanks to Chris and Herb Baker for these pics.

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