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Berner Lola

CH Maine's Lunar Eclipse

Born September 9th 1995

Owned by Libby Kesner

"My dear Lola, celebrated her 11th birthday on Saturday, September 9th.

She ate way too many of her favorite homemade biscuits - a selection of liver and garlic, and salmon and parsley treats. Best of all was a visit from one of her favorite people, Took Bussard, who not only groomed Lola from nose to tail, but sang to her, massaged her aging muscles, and told her all about her own new adventure in Vermont, and the open spaces and wildlife she has around her. Lola also posed for some special birthday photos, some with her veteran daughter, Peals, a young seven years old, and her granddaughter, Tempest, 16 months. Lola is also very attentive to her currently 15 day old grandpups we have here now. Lola is my favorite dog, and she knows it. I tell her every day. I know that her time here is limited, but we are loving every moment spent together.

I will try to send you a photo of Lola when Took sends them on to me."

Pics to come

Pics. to come!:-)))

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