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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Berner Puppy Fix

These wonderful pictures of the first few days in the lives of a litter of Berner Puppies
with many thanks to Mary-Ann Bowman

Berner Puppies 1 day old

Berner Puppies Day 1

Berner Puppy Day 1

Bernese Pups

Berner Puppies 2 days old

Bernese Pups 2 days old

Berner Puppies 3 days old

BMD Puppies 3 days old

BMD Puppies

Berner Puppies 4 days old

Puppies 4 days old
{I see the black cat is now allowed to inspect the litter!}

Puppies Day 4

Berner Puppies 5 days old

Puppies f days old

Pups at 5 days

Puppies 1 week old

Puppies at 1 week

{short description of image}

And.yes, snuggling up to wee Berner Pup is
"One big old diabetic cat who thinks he is a dog :)"

And for a Further Berner Puppy Fix

visit Jennie Hoffnagle's website for pics of her Berner Quinn's new puppies

Bernese Mountain Dog Quinn and her pups

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