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Jethro and Elle Mae

From Beata W in Canada, pictures of these beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs
".......here are some pics of my sister Lydia's 2 Berners....Jethro and Elle Mae, who are first cousins. It would be great to see them with the other "galoots" posted on your site. Jethro is the entertainer...loves to capture everyone's attention....He'll ham it up in front of the camera any time! Elle Mae is the brains of the two and knows no fear because she'd even try (if given a chance) to play with horses! They live in a very happy home beside a forest with lots of trails......."

Jethro March 05
Jethro, March 05

Jethro April 03.
Jethro, April 03

EM March 03.
Elle Mae, March 03

EM April 03
Elle Mae, April 03

J & EM on Rock
Jethro and Elle Mae on the rock.

Birthday Bernese
Birthday Bernese

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