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Crossed paws for Baby Goat,

Double D, Devil Dawg

From Rusty, 29th June '05
"A fella had a down four week old goat and this man had had knee surgery at 70 and could not take care of it. I have other goats, doe and babies but am nursing this one, he is getting stronger and have made a walker for him and the vet said it 'appears to be a vitamin deficiency he has had IV twice first and third day here and I am mixing vitamins for him selineum, magnesium, vit B and such and giving him oral calcitrate. Made him a walker so I do not have to hold him up in the sling I made from a purse, he is putting on weight fine and I am doing all turning and moving to prevent bloat....
Rusty C & Good Company

Bernese, Asos, and goat kid
Asos attentive and caring

Goat kid is bottle fed
Bottle feeding - Day 2

{short description of image}
First day in the sling

Kid grazing in bed
How to graze in bed

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