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Bakers Bernese Blessings

Crossed paws for Sunny!

I had some major health concerns with my Veteran Lady, Sunny now 10 1/2 over the last few weeks just after my return from the Specialty in the US but with a lot of help from our friends she is now doing well!

Chris and Herb Baker sent this wonderful pic to give us heart and know just how much we are loved.

{short description of image}

"You asked for crossed paws, well, without posing, these 2 Baker puppies at home today, right in front of us, decided to 'cross themselves', and we caught this pic of 6 month old Sir Galahad Baker & 4 month old Pebbles Baker 'CrossingThemselves for Sunny'... Their positioning must have come down from the Good Lord above, as a message of encouragement to you and your wonderful Child of God, Sunny, because it is not an ordinary Berner Position to say the least !!!"

Hugs to Chris and Herb and all the Baker Gang during this time.

Your support means so much!

Sunny continues to do well!

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