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Roxie, Toby and Maggie

With thanks to Liz Bradbury for the pics and Laura for the collage

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"We had a good day out today at our Annual Water Fun Day,

For once it was warm and sunny - usually it's blowing a gale from the north and raining. It's amazing how much more FUN it is in the sun, especially for the humans :-). Toby won't swim unless HE says so (prefers to roll in the sand, after he's got wet, naturally!), so it was just Maggie who did the 'proper' water bit. She's a natural, and even though she wouldn't get into the boat, she was more than happy for it to be taken out into the loch - complete with man on board - and then swim out to it to tow it back. She's an absolute natural, and will 'rescue' anything that's in the water, including the barrier of white floats demarcating the little area where children can swim! I think ideally she'd live in the water and I'm sure if she'd been a human child, she'd have asked us to pack up the loch into the back of the car to take home for her to play with

Roxie surprised me as well; I think, given time, she'd probably join Maggie swimming! She was quite happy to go into the water as far as the flexi lead and my wellies would allow, and was very keen to show Maggie how to get into the boat - I swear she turned to Maggie when she'd clambered in and did the canine equivalent of thumbing her nose and going Nah-nah-ne-nah-nah! Half of it is she likes to keep up with Maggie, just in case she misses a biscuit or something! But when I think back to when Roxie arrived here nearly 2 years ago and wouldn't, under any circumstance, get even a claw wet, then she's certainly made progress

Anyway, thought you'd like to see photos of Maggie being a proper Newfy and Malcolm being a proper seafarer :-). I didn't get any photos of Roxie - as usual she was velcroed to my side, and the on odd occasion when she actually left it, she came dashing back as soon as she saw I had the camera trained on her - I think she believes it will steal her soul
But I did get a photo of her wallowing in our burn (stream) last week, and another with her laying with Toby, a real rarity. Toby thought his best photos was after he'd been snuffling round in the sand...
" - Liz

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