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Gallery of Friends
Robin Edmondson's Brandy.


Robin's Old Boy, Brandy, 1997. "The radiator's warm, you know!"


Hi, I'm Brandy, a medium sized black mongrel dog with a handsome white flash on my chest.

My name these days is Brandy Edmondson. I was born '82/83 (no one's exactly sure) in Droylsden, Greater Manchester. All my brothers and sisters went to new homes when I was a young puppy but no one came for me and I stayed with my Mother in the home that she belonged to. I lived there until I was 2 years old and it was clear that I wasn't really wanted, being a young active dog and a new place to live had to be found for me. A notice went up in the local petshop and soon an older lady came and took me away in her car to where she lived, not too far away. My "mrs" was a retired school-teacher who, after retiring, had gone live in Canada but returned back to Manchester to live. I lived with her for nearly 5 years, living the life of a prince. My "mrs" lived in a new house on a new estate in Droylsden and I had a nice big garden all to myself,fussed over and everywhere my "mrs" went in her car, I went too, the backseat all to myself. And she always had food and water when I wanted. Then, when I was 7, I was taken back to the local petshop. My "mrs" was very sad, she had decided to return to Canada to live and I had to find a new home where I could live.

A family with 4 young children said they would give me a home and I moved to West Bank, Higher Openshaw, Manchester to live, and I became Brandy McGuirk. Although this family were kind to take me in, they didn't really want the responsibility of looking after a dog, as me, and I had to take myself for walks and as they didn't seem to want to provide food for me I had to supplement my own diet with scraps from people's rubbish. I knew which days were rubbish collection days. I used to wander the streets of the districts each day, as I pleased, although I enjoyed my independence and freedom, I couldn't always get back into to my home, when the weather was bad, or sometimes at night. My family couldn't always be bothered to come to open the door even though I barked and barked. I could always find shelter though. A neighbour's shed or outbuilding or even therein the shelter of the doorstep. I was dirty and smelled, never having been bathed, and had fleas and this was my life from 1990/92.

Then a man living close by started to help me. He made a shelter for me in his front garden so that I had somewhere to sleep if I couldn't get in my own home. He made sure there was food and water there for me and he always spoke kindly to me, made a fuss over me. But I was still an independant dog and wouldn't enter his house. Then one day a huge thunderstorm came and I needed shelter and he opened the door and I went in out of the storm, just a little way. The man and his family cared for me during the storm as I was afraid. I liked this man and I knew he liked me too, as only a dog knows these things. And little by little I called at his house and was let in and had something to eat and drink and warmth when it was cold and shelter from the bad weather, but I then went back out to wander the streets. It was nice to be cared about and gradually my visits became longer and longer each day. He always made sure I got back into my own home each night. Then in June '94 my family were to go away on holiday and this man was asked if I could stay with him while they were away. It was great to have a nice home and to be wanted and belong, despite been given a bath but, oh, those itchy fleas were taken away. It was good to smell nice and to go to sleep at the side of his bed at night. Then my family returned and I asked my "new" man if I could stay. I looked into his eyes and he looked back and he said I could stay. And I've lived with my companion, Robin,,ever since. He's looked after me, loved me and cared for me and we've been on many long walks together and go in his car, my rug on the backseat. And I've lived with him for over 6 years now.

Now I'm very old, nearly 18, and can't walk far, but I'm loved even more and looked after more. When the Sun shines on the front door I lie on a blanket and snooze the day away. The stairs are too steep for my old legs now and I have to sleep downstairs and my companion stays with me until I'm asleep, then he goes to bed. I see his face as I fall asleep and again when I awake. We are companions and these last years have been the best of my life.

The time will come when I go for a very long sleep and my companion, Robin, will be there as I go.

"And know that all our thoughts and prayers are with you, Brandy and Robin, just a sidestep to join the Bridge Kids and so many friends up there too! But time to go yet!! So good to find friends now and know that friends at the Bridge are waiting for us!! And they are very patient!!

Wishing you all well, Brandy, and may you come through yet another miraculous Winter!!

Look after Robin, OK!

More worried about him than I am about you!!

Al our love,

Jean, Sunny, Simmy and the Gang

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