Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Angel and Amika

Karen Connors beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs
Biggest hugs to Karen and her Berner Gurls for these beautiful photos

Berner Girls take to the water
Karen's Berner Gurls take the Plunge!

Amika is the swimmer, Angel is the wader!

Berner Gurl Amika
This Berner Gurl sure loves to swim

Wet Bernese
"We sure got wet in there! And cooled down lots!
Hey, Little Sis! Why are you looking up my tail?
Did I catch a fish or something?"

Berners in the shade
"This is our favourite park and this tree is awesome!"

Bernese in a hot spot
"Get there fast! Ooh, this sand is hot!"

Happy Bernese Mountain Dogs
Happy, Amika! Happy, Angel!

Thanks for sharing your glorious day with us!

For earlier pics of Angel and Amika on the Friends Gallery
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