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Heidi's Puppies

Heidi, Simmy's Girlfriend, has given birth to a litter of six beautiful Bernese Pups!!
Hmm! Says Simmy! "Not mine!
She has been unfaithful!"
"Not my fault she came to visit a week too soon!" Hmmpph!

{short description of image} {short description of image}
Heidi (Mum) Kernow Beauson (Dad)

Bernese Pup Angel
Hannah with Bernese Pup, Angel!
Think this is the little lady Jane is keeping from this litter!

Bernese Pup Monty Berner Pup Black Magic Berner Pup Black Beauty Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Boyo Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy Cuddles
Monty Black Magic Black Beauty Boyo Cuddles

BMD Puppies
Surprised Pups
"What are you doing up there?"

BMD Pups
"Did you hear the one about the puppy who...........!"

Which one is which
"We're the Terrible Twins"

Pretty puppy
"This grass goes on for a long way and I'm so tiny!"

Heidi's page on the Friends' Gallery
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