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Helderberg BMD Club Picnic

Sunday, 3rd August '03

With many thanks to Chris and Herb Baker for these pics of this wonderful event.
The best of Berner folk all meeting up again. Some sad times to share one year later
But also new life, good times and having fun!

A True Summer Celebration!

Veteran Bernese Mikki meets the newest Heidi
Veteran Bernese, Mikki, meets the newest Heidi Lakritz

"Hey young pup! Last year me and my sister, Heidi, celebrated our 11th B'day on July 4th and we had our pics taken at last years' picnic and we had belated birthday cakes! She lived with your Mom Sandy Lakritz in Manhattan all her life, and was the 'Toast of the Town' Sad this year, I'm 12 now......

Bernese Birthday Cakes

Veteran Bernese and Berner Pup
...........but Hey!

Wee new Berner Babe, Heidi Lakritz!
You can come out from under that table now.
I've done with being sad!
You are a chip off the old Troy Baker block and you and me are gonna party!"

Bernese Birthday cakes

Here's another birthday cake on the table!
Hmm! Now which wee upstart pup is this?

Let the fun begin!

{short description of image}
Mikki in her party hat.

Berner in a tiara
Mikki poses in her tiara thanks to the Hayes family

{short description of image}
Mikki "enough already!"

"Time for a snooze!"!

{short description of image}
Our girl Heart, after a swim

{short description of image}
Mack Hayes dressed for the occasion

BMD profile 2
"It's a great picnic, Dad!"

{short description of image}
Maureen, Hugh & Mack Hayes

{short description of image}
Cassie Smalley & Titus Chisholm Baker (looking immaculate!)
and family members

{short description of image}
Titus Chisholm - "Yes! I've been swimming too!"

{short description of image}
Barbara Sholz & Pfeffer--Agilty Titlist Extraordinaire

A Glorious Day! Enjoyed by All!

If you have more pics from this picnic, feel free to

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