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Berner Gertie Goes Swimming!

More beautiful photos from Mike of his adorable Berner Pup, Gertie
13th August '03
"I'd heard that it's very hot over in the UK. Glad to see that you and the crew are handling it as best you can. It's hot on the East coast US as well and I've been struggling to keep Gertie cool. Every Sunday morning, I take her to romp (off leash) in a local park system. The system has a creek running through it. You see where I'm headed with this !! LOL For the first time ever, Gertie went for a swim !! I got it on film and am sending a couple of pics. Thanks again for your photos...and for running such a GREAT Berner site !!
Mike and Gertie
(Can we go swimming this Sunday too, Dad ? Can we? Can we ?

Berner Gertie takes the plunge
Gertie takes to the Water!

Berner Gertie takes to the water
"Hey Dad! It's real cool in here!"

Bernese in deep water
"Wooow!!! It's getting deeper!"

Bernese Gertie's first swim
"Hey! Look at me Dad, I'm swimming!!"

Beautiful BMD Gertie in the water
"This is so gorgeous!"

BMD's love the Water
"Oh! It's not time to go now? Just a bit longer!"

Happy and cool Bernese Mountain Dog!
"Please, can we come again next Sunday?"

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