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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

July 4th 2003

Bernese Birthday

Happy 12th Birthday
Bakers' Bernese Blessing


Herb and I are proud to announce the 12th birthday of our beloved "Mikki", a.k.a. "Twas Fate"; on the Fourth of July. Mikki is still every bit the mischievious pup she has always been. Mikki thinks she runs the house and is not afraid to express herself! She is also still the consumate show dog, even at her age. Nothing annoys her more than us leaving for a dog show, without her! Mikki's health and attitude towards life have us hoping for at least a "Bakers Dozen" years of her companionship.

Bernese Mountain Dog, Mikki
Veteran Berner, Mikki.

Bernese, Mikki, with Herb
Bernese, Mikki, with Herb

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