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Westchester Berner Walk

21/06/03 - With many Thanks to Carole Kaye

Despite thunderstorms , dark clouds and heavy rain at times, the Berner walk at Westchester's Rockefeller State Park went ahead today and at least 14 Berners showed up towing their owners behind them. Betsy organized a BARC raffle, balloons, treats with Swiss cheese, Swiss Chocolate and biscuits for all and everybody had a great walk and a good time. Attached are a few pics from the parking place where we gathered before the walk. Guinness, our mutt, enjoyed being a Berner for a day and revelled in walking two miles further than the Berners did! (She took Tony for an extra loop on the trails...)

Carole and the Gang

Westchester Berner Walk

Westchester Berner Walk

for more pics of the Westchester Berner Walk

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