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In Loving Memory of



With thanks to Elicia Brand-Leudemann for these wonderful pics and memories of her brave Berner Boy!

McCoy is home!

McCoy had surgery on September 24th '08 - "The masses were located in the middle lobe of his right lung and on his right flank under the skin. I found what I think is another small lump on the same side last night. They took out the entire middle lobe of his right lung. The surgeon said it was a text book surgery. She was able to get great margins. She also took out the masses on his left side."

Sadly the pathology results came back as Malignant Histiocytosis.

McCoy will be having chemo, the CCNU protocol.

Our prayers continue for Elicia and her family in the fight for this wonderful boy!

October 15th '08
McCoy gets driven home from chemo Porche style!

McCoy with his family

Update- April 23rd '10

On this day of his ninth year, we celebrate! It is with incredible appreciation and joy that I can celebrate McCoy's 9th birthday with him today. Two years ago, when he was diagnosed with MH, I never thought we would share this day together. Now in remission and, knock on wood, healthy, McCoy is celebrating number NINE with mama's homemade special recipe hamburgers, frozen yogurt and lots of squeezes and hugs. The past two years of living through this dreaded disease with McCoy has taught me that miracles can really happen. I am thanking my lucky stars that this miracle was bestowed upon McCoy and me. Today is a joyous day.


I love you. I Love You. I LOVE YOU!!!

With much sadness McCoy lost his very brave fight on June 13th 2011, three years after his original diagnosis
McCoy's Page on the Histio Roll Call

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