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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Brew and Pat

These wonderful pics of Brew and Pat with thanks to Beth Schmoyer

Pat and Brew
Pat Long and Brew (enjoying the shade with Helen Hollander's Romeo)
contemplating the competition!

"I went into the show ring today, for the second time - ever. The first time was 8 years ago almost to the day, with 10 year old Vesta. This time was with a 7 year old Brew, and the bar was high.

I decided that we would have a successful day if I didn't fall flat on my face or my butt, and if Brew didn't decide to jump up to hug the judge.

We succeeded admirably! I didn't trip and fall, Brew didn't decide to show on his back, we didn't melt in the heat, and the judge was incredibly sensitive to the need to keep the dogs in the shade as much as possible.

We finished 6th out of 6, and for a dog with little or no type, it was a perfect placement! The standard calls for breed type with natural coat, so we went for the latter since we didn't have much of the former. All those show types were so jealous of the lovely ear fuzzles Brew sported, he just looked so handsome!

Thanks to the Watchung club for a wonderful day! I'll be there to enjoy the show tomorrow, and Brew may even wake up by tomorrow morning for a bit of breakfast. But he'll stay home in the cool of the house tomorrow, and I'm hoping he dreams of all the petting he got from everyone today. Thank you all!

It was great to see so many old and new friends, and saying hello to Stevie the Wonder dog is always a treat!

Pat Long, and a zonked out Brew,

Berwyn PA

"After we showed I went over to get Brew in the shade. I looked back, and four of the other five entrants in the class were all lined up for a photo. What a great idea, a photo of the whole class! So I rushed over to get Brew in, and they told me that they were doing the photos because all four of those dogs had been bred by the Ostermillers. 67% of the class were DeLi dogs, just fantastic!

They were all generous enough to help snap some photos of the five of us, we were just missing the one other boy from the class. All of these boys were owner handled too! My favorite ones to watch in the ring!

L-R Lisa Mitchell with Calib. Toby Erlichman with Henry. Debby Lyon with Morgan.
Pat Long with Brew. Helen Hollander with Romeo.

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