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Pinuki (Nuki)

Born August 2nd 2003

B-G Dog ID = 78936

Ileane Kenney's beloved Berner girl

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Nuki with little sis, Kalu. She is a Tibetan Spaniel.

Best Buddies!

Nuki has recently been experiencing persistant epistaxix (nasal bleeding)
with anemia secondary to the hemorrhage.

From Kalu - I may be a pup but I am for sure life can be much better than this. My name is Kalu. I am not even a one year old Tibetan Spaniel and some pretty yucky things are getting in the way of me just being a pup. It all started about four months ago. That’s when my big sister Pinuki (I call her Nuki) woke up screaming like I don’t know what. I was definitely too young to hear all that stuff. Anyway, Nuki is a 7 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. My two legged Mom got all hysterical and took Nuki to our doctor. Just when I thought Mom couldn’t get more hysterical she did - doc discovered a large mass on the left side of Nuki’s neck and said “I’ve never seen anything like this before” (that was the first time I heard that but not the last). I heard Mom say “the c word” lots of times and I kept noticing water in her eyes. But anyway I am kinda sick about talking about all this so I am gonna try to make this shorter than usual.

What happened next I figured out from all the grown up talking and from my brain which is pretty smart if you ask me. Two leggers kept giving Nuki tests and I am proud to say, Sis kept passing them! So, they kept giving her harder tests like the one she had to take in a round, hard tunnel where they took pictures of her neck. But she passed that too. She got a lipoma and not “the c word.” Our mom was so proud. She was happy but cried anyway. But something very bad happened the day of the tunnel test. Before going into the tunnel, the new doc gave Nuki some stuff to help her sleep. That is when Sis’s left nostril started to bleed – for the first time EVER - and things have been very bad ever since.

It has been three long months (in two legger time) - which is a big chunk of my puppyhood – that my family is all messed up. Those stupid nosebleeds will not leave my sister alone. She is the best test taker in my world. The best doctors in the world have been testing my sis and she passes all their tests every time. Nuki should get bully sticks, but all she gets is more nosebleeds, two blood transfusions and an operation which made a tie of her carotid artery (whatever that is). She is a little bit better from the operation, but something very, very, very sad – I almost cannot even think about it because it hurts my heart so much – happened today. Now Pinuki is bleeding out of both nostrils.

And now I am mad (not rabies mad) but MAD! My sister is the best sister I have ever had (even when she sneezes on me and mom calls me Jackson Pollock puppy). If those nosebleeds would leave her alone, she would be more than all better. All the tests she took prove she is healthy. No c word or any other stuff that makes us flunk tests. On all her test reports the docs write what “a sweet girl” my Sis is but nosebleeds don’t care anymore about sweetness than they do about tests!

This life is most bad for Nuki, then me, then mom. [But really me; I am too young to be waxing nostalgically about my lost puppyhood especially since it is not even over!] The good news is that my mom is delaying my spay surgery cux she can’t even afford the reduced rates. I keep seeing the good side of all this, but mom is way too worried and Nuki is too busy sneezing and cleaning up after herself. She is a very polite dog.

Thanks for listening to me,


Update December 10th 2011

Here is Nuki pre-surgery, video clips and saying "Thanks!"

"Say Hello" "Speak"

Do you believe how healthy she is when not bleeding?

Dr. Saylor: The most effective way to stop the bleeding would be a rhinotomy with complete removal of all nasal tissue of the left side or both and then spray the site with SurgiFoam. Cost would depend upon time in surgery and postop recovery especially if a transfusion is needed. Uncomplicated and home the next day would be ~ $2500. Nuki just had this surgery done - It ended up being just short of $5000

The surgery has now been done, from Dr. Saylor - "solves the epistaxis in most cases of intermittent epistaxis of unknown origin:

Paws crossed that this the answer and this girl will now do well!

Thanks to you all and generous donations towards her surgery, $3181 raised and this girl is now on the way to recovery but her Mom is still up to her neck in debt!

Please can you further help Ileane and her care of this very special girl!

From Ileane, December 11th 2011 - First, thank you. I am grateful for all we have received and recognize times are difficult for all of us. So I know what I am asking when I say please, if Pinuki's story has touched your heart, make a donation to her. You can contribute through PayPal using the widget below. If every person who has reached out to Pinuki gave even one dollar, it would make a significant difference in her life. Every single penny will be used to pay off her veterinary bills making it possible to keep her in her home.

You can also send a donation to: [Please make sure you let them know it is for Pinuki]

VCA Veterinary Referral Associates/Dr. David Saylor
500 Perry Parkway
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Melody Mendelsohn, Client Services (accounts receivable) 301-926-3300, extension #1114
or via e-mail at melody.mendelsohn@vcahospitals.com

In the last nine months, I have paid and incurred debt equal to a year's salary attending to Pinuki's health needs.That does not include the generous donations Pinuki received from you. I applied for financial aid to several animal welfare foundations and only one was able to make a small contribution. I still have not replaced my heat-pump and am using a space heater to keep us warm. Kalu is still not spayed. If I sound desperate and begging, I am...and grateful in advance.

December 11th '11 - Catching Up

Nine months and three days after the bleeding began, Pinuki had a rhinotomy. All nasal structures within both of Pinuki's nasal cavities were surgically removed in hopes of resolving the chronic epistaxis (nosebleeds). The decision to have the surgery was a difficult one. I based it on the following facts:

When I dropped Pinuki off for the surgery, she was greeted by several strangers inquiring about the breed, cooing over how beautiful she is, and expressing shock that she is eight years old. Because of her small size and behavior, they thought she was a puppy. It was exactly the affirmation I needed that I had made the right decision. But when I first saw her after the surgery, my heart broke yet again for her. She looked awful and I was filled with regret A lot can change in five days. Nuki is getting stronger each day and appears to be healing nicely. Her appetite is returning. Her stools are less dark. She has not had a nosebleed. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. This has been such a long journey so I struggle to remain even cautiously optimistic this will work.

Update - December 15th '11

OMG, she is doing so well today! unbelievable! Minimal nasal discharge. Her face is not inflating and deflating as much (I think that means she is breathing better). she is not as congested, not so much gurgling. Her gums are less pale. She is able to sleep on her side and she is sleeping more (at first she was too uncomfortable to sleep). She is rolling over for tummy rubs. Her mood is fabulous! She did not want to come inside this morning – kept walking like lets go mom!!!!! And then, when I was leaving the house to take kalu to get her nails clipped, she wanted to go!!!!!! so I took her with us to Dogma and they loved her and gave her treats. She sneezed a few times and did not bleed!!!! I am so grateful. she is such an amazing dog. Honestly, it will take weeks of no bleeds to believe this has worked, but today I am optimistic!

Nuki the day after her rhinotomy surgery

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Nuki yesterday!

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December 24th - Nuki's video, Day 17

<click to view>

After a heroic battle that seemed as though it would last forever with endless rallies, Pinuki finally succumbed to whatever her mysterious ailment was. No one could have done more or tried harder to save this little girl's life, to find out what was wrong. And despite accumulating $35K in debt, we still don't know. She leaves Ileane deeply, deeply grieving and her friends with her.

In Loving Memory of


August 2nd 2003 to February 22nd 2012


In lieu of flowers and other condolences, please consider a donation to Puniki’s medical debt:

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