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Introducing Rescue Maggie Mae

Adopted by Judy Fender and her Gang, so much loved and needing your prayers!

From Judy December 1st '11 - "I took this pic at the pound before I picked her up. She is a terrier mix. They clipped her face so it looks like terrier/schnauzer. She is absolutely adorable and soooooo smart. I had planned to work her in agility and maybe some dancing until this all came about ... I guess it will be several months before we know her status with this dreadful ailment."

"Have you ever dealt with distemper? The vet thinks that Maggie Mae might have it. She was adopted with snotty nose and a cough. Treated her for the snotty nose and cough for 2 weeks. She now has some twitching in her front right leg, which is symptomatic."

Judy mailed me a few weeks ago asking me about distemper as it seems this is most likely what she is dealing with, she is treating Maggue Mae with vits and herbs and so far Maggie Mae is doing well!

A Big Thank You to everyone who has responded here re. this girl's symptoms and treatment!

All paws crossed for Maggie Mae, this has been a very difficult time but to date she is doing well!

Update December 6th '11 - Maggie Mae and I visited the vet yesterday because she has had some restless nights with a lot of twitching and yowling ... wanted to see if there was something to help her relax. Her right leg is somewhat atrophied from non-use, although we walk several times a day to keep it moving and exercise it. The term for the leg problem is called myoclonus. The vet noticed slight myoclonus in her other three limbs, although it is barely noticeable. I have noticed a slight weakening when we first start walking in the morning, but once she gets 'in the swing' of walking, she runs down the sidewalk, sometimes using her right leg and sometimes holding it up. She does stumble a bit .. and I have noticed a bit more recently.

We are keeping her on the vitamin regimen and have given her a respite from the echinnecea and goldenseal for the moment. The vet said she is healthy with no other ill signs and looks good ... although the twitching and leg continue to remain the same, if not slightly worse in appearance. She slept peacefully yesterday after her big adventure to the vet ... other people in the clinic came in to visit with her because they heard there was an adorable little one in the clinic. She IS adorable.

Her eyes, ears, and everything else are fine. So, for the time being, I have a prescription for a mild low-dose valium-type drug if she should have a fitful night again where she is moving all night long, and I can use it or not, depending on whether she needs it. Two nights ago, I would have loved to have had it! Hence, the trip to the vet on Monday ...

So, there is a slight weakening of her other legs, but I am hoping that we can exercise her and keep her strong to get through this. We are monitoring her in the meantime and will just take it a day at a time. It is good that she is so healthy ... except for this dibilitation. I still pray that it stops where it is. It would be dreadful to have it move into her other three legs; she is doing fine with the three and such a good sport and wagging her tail. Love her to bits!

Keep the prayers coming as you can ... she still needs them.

Love to you and yours and your Berner friends!!!

Hugs! Judy and Maggie Mae, GracieLu, Dakota, and Sunshine, too!

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