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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Introducing Rescue Berner Boy


Adopted by Amy Wylan and family and now so much loved

November 24th 2011 - My daughter Nikki and I are picking up DJ from his foster home in PA. DJ spent the first four years of his life in a puppy mill but his foster mom says he is adapting very well. I am looking so forward to giving him a loving, patient home and introducing him to a normal, healthy doggy world. At his pace and comfort....

November 27th - DJ is a really wonderful, sweet, sweet boy who just wants to be pet and eat..:-) It is very different having a berner from puppyhood and having one join the family as an adult...The first night and early morning DJ howled and his foster Dad told us he does that when lonely. I am thrilled that last night his second with us, there was no howling! Hopefully he understands this is his forever home!

He walked with me nicely in the neighborhood and I use a cane when I walk, he wasn't afraid of it. Because he was neutured 5 days ago, no running, dog park introduction or beaches yet. Next weekend after vet approval I will start introducing him to an active and busy dog life...

December 4th 2011 - DJ is settling in nicely and feels at home and comfortable, I hope....he sleeps on my bed at night, loves going for walks and car rides and likes his backyard.......He has met Lola's Berner cousins and did very well sharing attention, backyard and house this afternoon with them. He is very comfortable with other dogs but has not met any aggressive dogs. I won't take him to the dog park yet but will have some friends come tomorrow with their gentle dogs to visit. He knows "Wait" which I use leaving the house, the backyard and the car. He still doesn't understand Sit and I dont want to force him. I think it may be easier to teach him Down first. I found a manners class which will start in January. that will be good timing since he will know me well by then and I will know him better.....

Here are some pictures of DJ and Berner friends (Lola's 2nd cousins, Charlie and Nettie) the three of them met in puppy class. Charlie and Nettie belong to Lori and Andy who organize the Berner activities and walking group in New York and Connecticut

December 15th '11 -here's DJ adjusting to "lounging" with his humans!
He very quickly took to sharing his chaise with Nikki!

I feel very lucky to have this boy in my life.
I miss Lola terribly and understand that having another dog to love helps but my heart aches for her

In Loving Memory of

My goal while Lola was alive was to bring in a rescue to love, she would have made a great doggy sister!

Isabelle's Leaping Lolita

4/6/06 - 11/18/11
She filled our lives
with so much joy
Amy Wylan and Family
B-G Dog ID = 46516

With much sadness, Amy lost DJ to bloat in June 2014

In Loving Memory of

Died June 2014

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