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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends


Trulli's 3rd Times A Charmer

Born February 18th 2012

B-G Dog ID = 85481

Proudly owned and so much loved by Jackie Ingram-Noniewicz and family

I would like to introduce you to Trulli's 3rd Times A Charmer - we call him Brutus. He is 14 weeks old and we are really loving him more every day. Someone told me that my heart will grow more chambers and fill with more love for each Berner that enters my life and it was true. Thank you Lynne. While I miss my Koda and Kenai terribly, this guy has taught me in two days that my heart is big enough to love yet another. He has bounded with Lindsey my daughter the fastest. He and she are really not separated at any times. He looks for her when she is not around, and when he hears her voice he runs to find her. He loves toys and is a wild man-so different than my first two boys. He is such a joy and I so look forward to our new life full of adventures.

New pics, June 3rd 2012

"I can't believe how big he is getting already"

Brutus and Lindsey already telling secrets.

Checking everything out

"This is the bed I have been sleeping on to be close so that can take him out at nite"

Updates July 20th 2012

Brutus's first bath and blow drying

A very clean pup-Brutus and Lindsey

Brutus LOVES to share yogurt with Lindsey

Brutus now has a new sister

Bella and Brutus
Brutus and Bella
<click here for the pics>

In Loving Memory of

Lin Cars Kenai Samson
5/22/04 - 11/17/10
B-G Dog ID=32740
Koda and Lindsey
Koda Got Kinky at Lin Cars
12/29/03/- 12/14/11
B-G Dog ID = 28742

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