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Family Photo

With thanks to Annie Bell for this very special photo.

Taken by Lloyd Jones of Fran, me and the fur kids. Suki-lala on the left, Harri-ette the 'orrible dog, Gideon von Wink and Special Spike . This was the last family photo as Spike passed away 3 days later.

For more pics
The Furry Crew at Annie's Place, January 28th 2011
Christmas Down Under 2008

CH Zanzebern Nicoletta (Suki-lala)
B-G Dog ID = 60335
CH Zanzebern Cha Cha Cha (Harri-ette)
B-G Dog ID = 60336

Zanzebern Sir Galahad (Gideon von Wink)
B-G Dog ID = 25640

In Loving Memory of: Special Spike, CH Zanzebern Ignatius
July 31st 2005 to October 18th 2011
B-G Dog ID = 31051

Spike's Tribute Page

Remembering: Annie's Harry Brat, Zanzebern Shining Knight
June 22nd 2002 to March 22nd 2008
B-G Dog ID = 27995

The Harry Brat Shining Knight Award

In Loving Memory of Kristy, Fran & Lloyd Jones' Sisco, Enstone's Daring Discovery
November 18th 1999 to November 5th 2010
B-G ID=35638

Sisco's Tribute Page on Veteran Angels

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