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Berner Toby

Owned by Brenda Broome


Toby's surgery has now been done and here's a recent report from Brenda

"This morning Jaclyn called and said it would be good if I came down that Dr. Chambers wanted to talk to me. I had to be at the doctor myself in Gainesville and then to the hospital for lab work so it was really a run to make it. I got there at 4:30 and she said Toby was really tired from his walk and visit but brought him out. I had the camera ready to get his picture as he came through the door. All I got a picture of was the ceiling. he broke loose and ran to me. She said, Not once since he came here has he moved that fast!

I have been so impressed with the UGA staff. Dr. Chamber's came in and showed me the x-rays and he was so excited. He said that Toby's progress is far greater than they had even hoped for. As soon as the section was removed and the pins put in place the joint went back together. They will tighten them and re-xray everyday until Thursday. He said, Toby can come home on Thursday. He is to be on his feet only when I am by his side. He is allowed to put weight on it but very restricted activity.

Thank you all, for your comfort and support through this, I have been a basket case.

Toby's official diagnosis is;
Abnormal growth of his ulna and fragmented coronoid process
The ulna grew beyond the radius and in trying to walk he had fractured the coronoid process.

Surgery: On March 17th Toby was placed under general anesthesia for elbow arthroscopy and an ulnar ostectomy. Upon entering the elbow joint, Toby was found to have a fragmented coronoid process. No other abnormalities we found in the elbow. Afterwards an incision was made along the ulna and a section of the ulna was removed. A motorized external fixator was applied to the ulna using two pins. Toby under went numerous procedures where the external fixator was tightened to bring the bone down to joint the other section. This has enabled his joint to fall back in place. Dr. Chambers said that this abnormal growth in Toby was exactly the opposite of what usually happens in these cases and so they used his case to teach the procedure. He said, that most of them might never in their lifetime see this type problem again. He had the surgeon that invented the external device come in and apply it after they prepared the bone for it. Toby will wear this 4 weeks and then be put back to sleep to remove it. Dr. Chambers said, he could not say for sure if his problem was genetic or from an injury.

While there, they were able to determine that his vocal cords had be removed. They said that rather than someone clipping them they apparently complete removed them. They also learned that he was terribly afraid of men. Jaclyn said that every time a man came into his kennel he was so scared that he would wet all over himself. We knew he had that problem but had not related it just to men. The original owner was a young woman but we do know the breeders son was living there as he was her boy friend.

This is pretty much all I know. Toby is a very nervous little boy and now he has lost a lot of weight. We look forward to seeing him get well and hope that some day he will run and play with Zoie.

Toby at the hospital, March 18th

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Toby's post-op x-rays

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Toby's Discharge Photos, March 23rd

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Toby at Home, Day 1

He has to wear a T-shirt because he developed a couple of hot spots on the back of his neck,
They think maybe the E-collar did it? The shirt keeps him from scratching it.

Update March 26th

"Toby took a really big turn for the better yesterday. He is more alert and eating better and even wiggles a bit! He is on his way to recovering now. He doesn't seem to have near as much pain. Just 3 more weeks and he will go back and get this stuff off and walk again"

Update April 6th

I just have to let everyone know that Toby is doing great now! He is like having a stranger in the house. He is acting different than ever before. He is all smiles and bouncing all around. He puts his foot down now and is trying to use it. I am so excited about how he is doing. Amazing!

All thanks to BEHAF!


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Latest Update from Brends 29th April '08 - "As you can see, he is either very relaxed or VERY bored. He has become the perfect gentleman. If you enter the room he thinks he has to jump up and come over to assist you so it is hard to get a photo. He is doing real good but still has some pain. Some days worse than others. It shows in his eyes when he hurts."

May 1st '08 - "It is 6pm here and I just got in. I took Toby to UGA Vet hospital for his x-rays and check up. I only took 3 photo's this time because my camera battery went dead after the first 3. The first 3 are pricelist though. He loves to ride in the car so was thrilled to get in this morning and ride. However he hates going to the Vet now and when we got about a mile away from the hospital he started stirring around. I parked and stepped out of my Jeep to go to the back and get him. As I opened the back door, I could not believe my eyes. He dove from the back through the seats to the front with an award winning dive straight into the floor under the dash, HEAD FIRST. We didn't have a clue how we would get him out! I got these three photo's and they are cute. The second on I looked into the window and he gave me a look as if he was threatening me not to open that door. As usual I had to get someone to lift him out again. So Pat, my report to you in regard to your suggestion, is that "HE GOT NO TREATS!" I forgot to mention that as he sailed through the air he peed all the way!! :{

His x-rays looked the same though only you could tell the bone was starting to fill in. The doctor said the elbow looked good. Everything is coming along nicely. Toby still has a bad limp and may always but they are hoping it improves. He does put weight on the leg now and that is a first for him. He should continue to improve. He really is a brave boy, he just doesn't know it yet!"

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And for pics of Brenda's Berner Girl, Zoie
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