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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Puppy Neff

Joye and Bill Neff's new German Shorthair Puppy

Puppy now has a name - he is named after Bill's grandfather - Will. So he is -

Wanttohunt Sweet William - "WILL"

Puppy Neff, 7 1/2 weeks - 16 pounds

Bill and his new puppy
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Bill & Puppy and Dana & Dam, Jeannie

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Bill & Puppy at Outlets

Joye, Bill and Puppy

Puppy meets Maria

Maria, Puppy & Bill

Nicky Neff meets......

.......Puppy. "Nice top line!"

"What's going on my back end? I'm tryng to pose!"

"Hey, Puppy, that's my tail you are chewing on!"

"Here comes Puppy, tearing down the hill!"

"So you want to play now, Little Fella!"

Lisa, Bella, Gracie and Puppy

Joye's Mom and Puppy

Bella holding the puppy

Two worn out "Pups"

"Sleep well, Little Fella! You're home now!"

For more pics of Nick and Will Neff

And for more pics of Nick Neff as a puppy and growing up

In Loving Memory of

Winston Neff

Ben Neff

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