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Introducing Frost!

A very Special New Pup!

I had no intention of getting a puppy while we were still caring for my Winter-boy. It didn't seem quite right, since I figured that at 12 years old Winter deserved the peace and quiet of a household free of youngsters. More importantly, I had no interest in any of the puppies that I had seen. Winter and Tonka were both wonderful boys, and I didn't feel like adding a pup just to increase the dog food consumption.

Then my friend Laura Lopez-Mendez in Mexico City started sending me pictures of her singleton male puppy. I had seen plenty of puppy pics, and they are all cute - so this was nothing new. But somewhere along the way the photos of this boy started to get my attention. There was something in the way he tilted his head, something in his eyes, something in the way his photos jumped out at me that said - this boy is special. I finally realized that these puppy pictures reminded me of my first Berner, ZenMaster Max. There was something in the attitude and posture of this boy that spoke to me - something that said --- this boy is just what you need.

I emailed Laura on a whim and jokingly (sort of) suggested that if she didn't want to keep this boy, perhaps he would like to come play in the snow in Mazama? When Laura asked me if I was seriously interested in this boy, I knew it was time to say "YES". Laura understood that I wanted to care for Winter, so she was in no hurry to get rid of this boy. But once we both decided that he was coming to live with me, things fell into place remarkably well to bring this puppy to me in time for Christmas. Laura had named him "Ferrero" after a brand of chocolates - but I knew if he was coming to live with me he needed a name that went with snow and mountains, a name that would honor the Berners in my family who all loved the mountains and the snow. I had thought I would name my next Berner "Frost" - and it was a perfect name for this boy - an "F" litter name as well as a name that was just right for a soon-to-be snow-loving Berner.

Frost's journey to his new home in Seattle/Mazama Washington was filled with adventures and the support of many people who helped him along the way. I thought he would live with friends of mine in Seattle while I was taking care of Winter, but that was a silly idea --- how could I have my new puppy be anywhere but with me?

It is a magical Christmas for us indeed - Frost is enjoying all the snow in Mazama (Mexico City was NOT the right place for this snow puppy!!) Tonka is the perfect big brother who tolerates Frost's puppy antics, while Brook the Newfie girl is ready to boss him around and show him the ropes. Winter is not at all thrilled about having the puppy around, but he is gracious in his old age and pretends that Frost isn't there. I am overwhelmed with the gift of having my 12 year old Winter-boy with me to celebrate his 13th Christmas in snowy Mazama - and to share that gift with my new puppy is beyond my wildest dreams!

Somewhere in the heavens where good dogs go to watch over us is ZenMaster Max, looking down at me with a twinkle in his eye. I'm sure he was trying to tell me that this puppy was the one - the next Berner to be in our family. Our Christmas Day is filled with love and happiness - the joy of dogs well-loved and all the memories we share.

Wishing everyone the HAPPIEST HOLIDAYS!

Cheers from Ruth Nielsen and the Berner boys Winter, Tonka and Frost (and Brook the Newfie girl)
- enjoying the snow in Mazama, WA
- with loving memories of ZenMaster Max

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