Berner-Garde Database Challenge
In honor of Mark Milligan
Stewards of the Open Bernese Mountain Dog Database

Help me honor Mark Milligan - and help future Berners, too

How can I honor Mark Milligan and all he has done for us and for the dogs we all love? I can help with their future by donating to the Berner-Garde Foundation in his memory.

I am going to donate $1 for every death date AND $1 for every cause of death that are entered into the Berner-Garde database between now and the March 2013 SE Wisconsin Regional Specialties.

All it takes to submit this information is an e-mail to one of the BG operators,

or you can enter the data via the Submit Data button on the BG website

If you do not know the exact date, a month and year, or even just the year, is still very important. If you have a written diagnosis to share, that is excellent; if not, just tell BG what the cause was and it can still be entered. BG will keep track of all entries between now and Feb 28, 2013 and will let me know how much I owe.

Death dates and causes of death are crucial information for improving longevity and health in our breed, but they often go unreported to Berner-Garde. It is imperative that breeders and stud dog owners enter the data on their own dogs and also on the dogs they have bred. But it is not just about the dogs that have produced litters, the companion animal's data is just as important,these dogs are absolutely critical in BG also. I know reporting this can be painful, one of the hardest things I've had to do was report Marshall's date at the National Specialty two weeks after losing him but not only do future Berners benefit from your submission of data now, Berner-Garde also gets the benefit of having me take out my checkbook to write a check. Please, please help me make it a very fat check and a memorial gift that would make Mark smile.

Valerie Horney, Freedom and Kuza
Aurora, CO

December 9th 2012 - Wait there's more!! I have a couple of shy friends that want to help contribute as well.

One will match my donation, up to $200, to the Cancer Fundraiser Joye Neff is running until 12/31/12,

The second will donate $1 to Berner-Garde for every death date entered between now and 2/28/13.

That's $5 per dog that we have lost that can help benefit us all for the next dog we own. That is amazing! So I beg each of you to go to the Berner-Garde website and look at your own dogs and make sure all their data is correct and complete. Then if you are a breeder or a stud dog owner, take a litter a day and make sure that data is complete. Reach out to the puppy owners that have slipped through the cracks and find out what is happening. Please take the time to do this to help yourselves and the rest of us for the future. This is a wonderful opportunity to help two great causes and you don't have to spend a cent, just a bit of time!! I have my pen and checkbook poised and am looking forward to writing a huge check!! Let's all make me question my sanity when I decided to do this :)

Valerie Horney, Freedom and Kuza
Aurora, CO Â


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