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Dr. Billinghurst's Cancer Diet

There has been a huge body of research which has shown that dogs with cancer respond to a low carbohydrate diet. Cancers feed preferentially on high sugar containing and generating foods. They cannot use fat easily, and the essential fatty acids are like poison to cancers. Basically this means feeding the BARF diet modified to remove all starch and as many sugars as possible [most particularly added sugars] and to increase fats - especially fats rich in the essential fatty acids. So make absolutely sure no grain foods or starchy foods of any kind are fed and also no sugars of any description. This means you have to leave out honey and fruit. About twenty percent of the diet should be raw crushed vegetables - of the green leafy/coloured type. Such vegetables as kale, squash, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach etc. The rest of the diet should be based on raw meaty bones. High levels of anti-oxidant nutrients together with high levels of essential fatty acids. That means the addition of flax seed oil, olive oil and fish oils. All part of the BARF regime. Because in the BARF programme we mix the green leafies with the oils in the vegetable patties, we enhance the absorption of the carotenoids - which are fat soluble - and so important in treating cancers. Important anti-oxidant nutrients include the trio ACE which should all be added at the pharmacological level. [See 'Give Your Dog a Bone' chapter 5.] Also add the B vitamins at the 50 mg level with extra B6, B12 and folic acid. Add dolomite, a source of selenium and kelp powder.

Other nutrients include shark liver oil and shark or bovine tracheal cartilage.

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