The BMDCA 2004 National Speciality
Mesquite, Texas

Can you help identify these folk and their dogs?

Liz Bradbury is compiling a CD of the pics from the Specialities and we are trying to identify just who is on these great pics.

With many thank to Mike Whalen for pics from his website.

Mail me if you have any information

I will add the replies as they come in!

From Liz tonight,
" Meanwhile, here are a few more photos of this year's Speciality for people to exercise their brains"

Again these are all courtesy of Mike Whalen...
The first three, 20, 21 & 22 were all taken at the Rodeo Dinner (looks like a good time was had by all too!)

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Pic. 20

"# 20 is Marie Cushen from CA and Manuel Rosas -- both of California

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Pic. 21

"Pic 21 could be Carolyn Crockett (?)" Nancy Galunas
"Picture 21 is of Ray and Carolyn Crockett from Georgia." Renee Jacquier

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Pic 22

" I'm not sure who the woman is in picture 22 (I know her face but her name has gone out of my head) but in the background, the woman in the white shirt/black vest with her arms crossed is Chris Knuth of Wisconsin and the man next to her in a red shirt is her husband, Vance, president of the Wis. club." Anne Copeland

"#22 is Peggy Weibel from CA " Terri Whalen
"Pic # 22 is Peg Weibel from Northern California" Lesley Koonce

"23 & 24 were taken at the opening ceremony

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Pic 23

" I think that's Anne Copeland and Flash in 23, but who's the gentleman?" Liz
"Yes, that is me in photo #23 with Flash and behind me looks like Gene Hamm (Illinois - Indiana.)" Anne
"#23 - the gentleman is Gene Hamme." Tom Jaskiewicz
"Pic 23, the gentleman is Gene Hamme." Nancy Galunas
"#23 could it be Gene Hamme? " Terri Whalen
"Picture 23 is Gene Hamme from the Kentuckiana Bernese Mountain Dog Club, he resides in Evansville, Indiana."

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Pic. 24

"Picture 24 -- In the middle is Carolyn Crockett and Emma representing Hawaii. Emma has a backpack on and is carrying two pineapples.... " Renee Jacquier
"#24 is me with Ueli (far left) representing Georgia and Carolyn Crockett with Emma (middle) representing Hawaii. I don't know who the person on the far right is though. Thanks." Lynn Balsiger
"In looking at #24 again, whoever is in the right corner of the ring must be representing Idaho (Hawaii - Idaho - Illinois) and I'm wondering if it might be Dino Candelaria?" Anne Copeland

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Pic 25

"25 was taken during the draft test, but whose dogs are they? " Liz

"Picture 25 dog on the left in the downstay is Caddie. Stardust Augusta Moondance. Looks like Monday draft test in the park". Kay Sloate

"The dog sitting on the right in picture 25 is my dog, CH Kaibab’s Above Suspicion CDX NDD (Riley). He passed his novice draft test that day. Hooray!" Kay Morrow Phoenix, AZ

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Pic 26

"26 looks like the evening before it all starts when the hospitality bags are filled." Liz

Picture 26 is me (in Green) and across from me is Nancy ? (from Washington State).

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Pic 28

"28 is a beautiful down stay in obedience - by whom?" Liz
"#28 is not a beautiful down stay -- it's a beautiful drop on recall."
Tom Jaskiewicz
" #28 Mary Ann Bowman " Terri Whalen
"Pic #28 is Mary-Ann Bowman." Vicky Whitney

"29 & 30 are draft pairs."
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Pic 29

"My husband, Gary, helped with this. Pic 29 is Linda Thomas and Eimer." Nancy Galunas

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Pic. 30

"Picture 30 is Rusty Wingate - I think from Louisiana." Renee Jacquier

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