The BMDCA 2004 National Speciality
Mesquite, Texas

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"On the first day of the speciality, I have taken this picture -- we must be in Texas now!
(this was taken at the entry into the tracking test site)" --Tom Jaskiewicz

Not Bernese Mountain Dogs
Not Bernese Mountain Dogs!:-))

LOL! We left-at-homes are wondering if anyone and their Berners actually made it into the show, Day 3 of the Speciality and this is the only pic. I have received so far!:-))

Paws Crossed for Updates!

LOL! One just came in!

Another Texan Longhorn?

LOL! I blame Gary!

"I have attached a picture I took of another Texas Longhorn
I'll try to get some Berner pictures to you tonight."
Gary A Turner

Pat posing?
Pat is gonna hate me for this one!:-))

At last some Berners!

"Everyone had a busy day with Sweepstakes and Obedience. I debated which picture to send next -- but this little girl has been stealing the show. She handled a dog in the veterans parade, in team obedience, and (in this picture) veteran sweeps (7-9 bitches)." -- Tom Jaskiewicz

Bernese and wee one!

And from DonaLLeigh Engstrom more pics of this girl!

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More from Tom,

The action pictures are Pat Tackett handling Wagontale's Gone to Texas.

Pat Tackett handling Wagontale's Gone to Texas. Close Up Pat Tackett handling Wagontale's Gone to Texas.

The judges are awarding the TD qualifying rosette to Kathy Berge and Ch Ahquabi's Black Magic.

Congrats to: Kathy Berge and Ch Ahquabi's Black Magic

And more from Tom The REAL show!

"This is the lineup for Best in Veteran Sweepstakes. Not only is the Best in Veteran Sweepstakes in the picture (the 7-9 bitch), but her dam won the 11+ bitch class and is also in the picture!"

More Veteran BMD's

The lineup for Best in Futurity.

Line up for the BMD Futurity

More from Tom: 3rd April '04
"It's not all primped and pampered show dogs here. This is berner-l's own Buddy at breakfast. Although you may have heard rumors of his behavior, you can see that he is a perfect gentledog."

Buddy at Breakfast!

The Alphorn concert


the entire specials class in the ring.

Specials in the ring!

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