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2006 Maifest Shirts

Wed, 15 Mar 2006, Howdy, I wanted to let everyone know that we are going to make lederhosen t-shirts for Maifest this year. These are going to be similar to the shirts that we made last year. The difference is that instead of the shirt having a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog it will have all 4 Swiss breeds.

The shirts will be printed on both sides, (the front, see below) and the back will be suspenders. All the Swissy people wore lederhosen shirts last year and they looked great. It was also an easy and comfortable costume to wear during the parade. Shoot even the mayor wanted one, so we plan on giving him one this year.

We will probably sell the shirts for $15. We are trying to get a feel for how many we need to make and they will probably print in the next week or two. If you or anyone that you know of are interested please let me (Tim) or Stephanie know how many and what size. I should also note that these are very difficult to print and will probably only be printed once. Once the shirts are gone then there is a good chance we won't be able to print them again this year. Also, please feel free to cross post. I know that a lot of people from the Berner Club, and the Swissy Club and I think even the Entle Group are on this list so please spread the word and let me know if anyone is interested in getting a shirt.


mail to: perciful@comcast.net

21st Mar. '06 Hi all - Good news! By last Friday we had maxed out our first print run. We were a little worried because shirt requests kept coming in, but today the printers happily agreed to do it all over again. We will be taking orders until midnight on April 2, then we will need to stop so we can guarantee that the shirts will be finished. The first group is done, and they look great. We will be emailing each of you for plans on getting your shirts. We received multiple questions so we thought we would just answer them all in a mass email:

The shirts are 100% cotton - Adult Unisex sized The sizes available WERE Med. Large, XL, and 2X. F

or those who requested Small or 3X I believe we got back to each of you letting you know that we would inquire on those sizes today. We WILL be able to print those sizes. If your original request sited that that was what you wanted, that is where we put your order.

We cannot do kids sizes. The design is just too large to fit and would require all new set ups. (sorry) For those comments on the art, it was created by an artist that Steph works with. We had an upper hand - she is German!

For those folks that asked if you could get your shirts early to wear to other events, we will contact you this week and make sure your shirts come from the boxes that are finished and setting behind me right now.

As stated, we will email all of you to plan how to get your shirts. We will ship to those of you who are not close by us (and those of you who are not even in the US!!:) In the US it will be an extra $3.65 shipping for up to 4 shirts. This is the cost for a Priority Mail soft pack. I will check into international shipping costs this week. For those of you local, we can work something out. Tim is planning to post to have a draft practice in Seattle soon, (Our Swissies really need to get back in their carts before Maifest!!) so we can always bring shirts there. We can also meet at one of the local dog parks or something. We would like to TRY to get most of them out to everyone before Maifest. We heard a rumor the the Berner club might be making Maifest shirts and we want everyone to be sure a buy those, too. No need to have too many things to buy floating around! (Plus, Steph likes to partake in the beer garden festivities too much to be organized enough to deliver shirts!! :)

Talk to all you soon - big hugs to all those Swiss pups out there,

Steph & Tim, (who are so happy that people are so excited about the crazy shirts)

Bindi & Bear ("who cares about shirts, we're ready for the brats and potato salad!! You put our faces on a shirt, you can at least share the food!")

Karma, Voodoo, & Rabbit ("are we invisible just because we're cats??!! You never make shirts with our pictures on it - just stuff for those 2 big idiots!")

MaiFest Shirt

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