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Berner-l T-Shirts

Wear one of these great T- shirts to any of the events
and you will soon meet up with fellow Berner-Listers!

And here is our very own Pat Long modelling the Berner-L T-shirt

Pat scoopfront

Pat back to the camera and we get a good view of those FAQs!

Back scoop FAQ's

And here is the front pic again!

Pat Scoopfront

Berner-L Regular T-shirt
Regular T-shirt sketch with the design pasted

Berner-L sketch for scoop neck shirt
Scoop neck shirt sketch with the design pasted on

An example of the regular shirt

an example of the regular t-shirt

scoop neck shirts being modelled

an example of the scoop neck shirts being modeled

color sample

a color sample for the proposed scoop neck style

the back of the shirts.

the back of the shirts -
The answers to those questions one always gets asked when out walking a Berner!

We need to know which style and what size you wish to order
. The regular t-shirt color will be Natural, it's an off white, as shown in the example for the regular t-shirt.
Price (tba) will be around $25.00
Mail your orders to:

Pat Long

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